Being Thankful in Tough Times

Don't stay stuck in a low chapter. Zoom out. Have faith that everything you are going through is setting you up to prosper.


I've been doing a lot of self-reflecting this month and realized how much my life has changed in such a positive way. 

This time last year I was struggling financially because I needed a way to pay my tuition and also contribute to my family in NY and the Philippines. I struggled with balancing two jobs and my spring semester classes.  I struggled because I was paying for classes that has nothing to do with what I want to do, yet are required. I struggled because I missed my Dad so much but could barely get in contact with him. I struggled because a now-dead-friendship used to be one of my support-systems and it still hurt. I struggled because I thought I was stuck in the same place, never moving, never going forward...


Little did I know that my best friend would turn out to also be a new boyfriend. That I would finally get that job offer I was waiting for. That I would save enough to completely pay off my tuition with extra to spend on myself and my family. That I would travel more and also turn a hobby into a creative outlet. That, overall, I would be much happier, and the weight on my shoulders, much lighter.

For anyone going through hard times now, just know that in the future, you will soon be proud of how you got through your hard times. You'll wake up one morning and realize things are different. Better. You'll be thankful for the bad friends who forgot you or decided you were no longer one of their priorities because someone new came along. One day you will be thankful for the empty words, the people who let you down, and the personal struggles you had to endure because it will be YOU who will flourish from that and become an even better person that you once were.

Wearing the cashmere turtleneck and black jeggings from Zara

Photo by Jeff