Warming Up With Aritzia

Warming Up With Aritzia

How has your trial month of 2018 been so far? If you're from New York City like me, I'm sure you can agree that winter showed no mercy. I'm sick and tired of wearing leggings under pants and three tops before putting my actual coat on. It's also hard to go out and shoot when your fingers are about to fall off and your phone freezes because of the temperature. 

However, even with all that happening, I have tried my best to get out of bed, find a cozy fit, and head out for some photos. 

I think what's been saving me the most is the coziest and warmest jacket I've ever owned so far which is my Tna Breckenridge Parka from Aritzia. It keeps me warm even in single digit temperatures and I've been living in it almost every day.

There's a few more weeks of winter; I hope you all stay warm and cozy!


Outerwear + Crewneck: Aritzia
Pants: New Look
Sneakers + Tote bag: Nike

shot by @fr0nda / edited by me