NY TO LA: 2/21/17-2/24/17

I know this is such a late blog post but I still wanted to share my photo diary of a quick and spontaneous trip I took with Matt back in February.

Why did we go to LA? Well, for no reason really but to go hang out (why not?)
I was awake late at night and having trouble falling asleep as always. I was in deep thought about traveling again and decided right there that I wanted to go to LA. I texted Matt thinking he wouldn't respond until the morning but my spam texts woke him up and he ended up calling. Right there, we planned our trip to LA, all at 3am.

airplane view

When Matt & I travel, we usually have a system that works out for us. I like being in charge of looking for the flights and hotels (I almost, always find really great deals and end up saving a lot of money.) 
Matt on the other hand, is in charge of anything that has to do with cars since he works for Enterprise and is the one with the license. (whoops) 

He rented out a Mustang for fun - which in my opinion was not comfortable but we did look pretty cool.

hollywood sign

We checked out LACMA, watched the sunset at Santa Monica Pier twice, and on our last night, we had awesome Korean BBQ and a variety of tasty donuts with our friend, Raubern. 

hollywood road

I saw the Hollywood sign in front of me for the first time in my life.

Walked around Rodeo and Fairfax and shopped.


Anxiety Wall

It's something about LA that makes you feel at home, AWAY from home.

I think my overall favorite part was just being at Santa Monica and watching the sunset. Oh and being reunited with JAPADOG! If you know me, you know I have a big thing for sunsets. I'd chase them anywhere, and this was the best place to be for that.

Matt and I plan to come back to the West coast real soon!