23 Things I've Learned By 23

23 Things I've Learned By 23

I turned 23 today! Another year older, another year wiser!
Here are 23 things I've learned growing up:

1. You're going to lose friends. (Yup, it happens.) Let go of the ones who only look for the convenience of being your friend.

2. Time alone is a good thing. Don't let the quietness of it all get to you. Instead, here's your chance to make time for what saved you and for what you love to do.

3. It's okay to say no. Get that paper done first or stay in bed and get some rest if you need to.

4. Focus and give support to the people/people's work who also support you and yours. Go to your friend's art show. Purchase your friend's merchandise. Read their blog!

5.  You realize you're sad, overwhelmed, and anxious...

6. And you will learn to beat those feelings each time.

7. I'm not a teenager anymore, I actually need more sleep.

8. Simple is better.

9. Notice all the people who make an effort to stay in your life and graciously walk out of those who don't.

10. The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

11. Social media bums me out sometimes. Who knew?

12. When the unexpected arrives, tackle it. It's okay to be scared and confused.

13. Tequila is no longer my thing.

14. Your childhood friends will be there for you more than you think. Don't forget about them.

15. 'Busy' is an excuse. You can make time if you really wanted to.

16. Never half-ass your work. You never know who's paying attention.

17. Exhausted is not cute. Coffee, although tasty, is not a food group. Treat your body better since it's been there for you from the very beginning.

18. Never settle. Always strive for more, for better.

19. Everything has its own perfect timing.

20. You're not the only one getting older. Spend more time with your family.

21. If you can travel, do so. It will always be a great experience.

22. The darkest moment is the very moment before sunrise. It's true.

23. Admire self-love and self care. Know the line between 'commitment' and self endangerment. don't burn out before you've even begun to shine.

Cheers to 23!


Shot and edited by Gerome