April RecileComment

The End of the Hiatus

April RecileComment
The End of the Hiatus

Hey there! Remember me?
It's been a long six months of not posting but I'm back and better than ever!
In my last post "23 Things I've Learned By 23" I mentioned that social media bums me out sometimes. Even though I wasn't completely off social media, I wanted to take a step back from this platform and invest my time on other priorities. 

Cue life update:
- I'm currently taking my Occupational Therapy pre-requirements after transferring from my previous college where I was studying Public Relations. (I know, big difference right?) 
- I studied a lot in Spring/Summer and put my trips on hold.
- I flew my Dad out for his annual visit back in NYC and spent a lot of time with my family.
- I saved a stray cat who is now part of our home. Welcome Silver!
- Summer 2017 was scrambled into the last 5 weeks before the Fall semester started and with that said, I celebrated A LOT with a great group of friends. The club DID go up on a Tuesday... and Thursday aside from your weekends.
- My long hair was asymmetrically cut short just recently and I'm in love!

However, even if I can vaguely update you about my life as of lately with just those 6 bullet points, I can still keep many moments and its details especially significant to me without having to post endless photos of it.

That was also my point in this hiatus: I wanted to ENJOY myself without having to show the world or find some sort of approval for it.


Post what you like, and post as often as you want - but if you find it tiring or a drag, put that phone down and really just live in the moment.
I've come to appreciate a lot more lately by doing so and there's no better way for me to live then making sure I'm happy with myself. 

...at the same time, I'm also glad to be back on the blog!