January's Newbies: Make Up

A little late but here are the sets I've received as lovely gifts.

The first set I opened was this 350M - 35 Color Matte Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette from Morphe.  It's one of the most popular palettes and I love how pigmented the colors are as well as how easy it is to blend them together. Thanks Matt!

My sister gave me the following...
Left: NYX's special edition - Wanderlust Lip & Eye Collection 
There are several different types of these kits on their website and are currently on sale right now.
Mine includes the 'Los Angeles' matte lip cream plus bold eye shadows. So far, I've only used the neutral shades. The pink and shimmery, dark blue might be a little too bold for me.

Right: Benefit Cosmetic's "Do the Hoola" Beyond Bronze Kit
This kit includes the following...
- 'Dew the Hoola' Liquid Bronze
- 'They're Real! Mascara in black
- Benebalm
- Ultra plus Lip Gloss in Hoola
- Hoola Bronzing Powder
+ Tips  & Tricks on how to use the products for beginners like me!

This last set was gifted to me by one of my besties, Ian, (heeeeyyy!)
All these products below are from MAC; so far I have only tried the lipstick which is a beautiful, smooth, plum color. The name of the lipstick is so adorable, it's actually 'Labradorable'!

I still have the eyeshadow palette called 'Eye Z You' to try but they are all soft-toned colors that are easy to use wether day or night. 
As well as the brushes, they're so clean and white, I'm terrified to ruin them but I'm going to have to put them to use eventually! Last, a beautiful, glittering make-up bag for all of the above!