I Quit My Day Job



It has always been a bad habit (although very much needed) for me to work two jobs.
 Lately, with all the changes and how burnt out I've been feeling, I quit my day job.

Don't get me wrong, I loved my job!
My co-workers became friends who I contacted in and out of work and made a 8-9 hour shift fly by.

My director became one of the best managers I've ever had the chance of working with and thankfully, she never took my hard work for granted.


So many changes have happened in a short span of time and I think the transitions tired me out the most. I've been committing most of my time to two jobs that I haven't had time for my family, friends, and most importantly, myself.

I quit my day job because I can no longer keep promises nor dedicate my time and effort to it. 
I've decided to put that energy towards my blog in hopes that I can strengthen its creative flow.

Aside from my hospital job, I will be working towards creating more content to share with you all!

I'm taking any ideas and suggestions from you guys in terms of what you'd like me to post about <3