Actually Clothed and Pretty Famous

If you've ever seen my runway walk at Rutgers FSA: Miss Philippines 2015 or watched my #RUDESUMMER video then you'd recognize my favorite song and band in the entire world:
Young Blood - The Naked and Famous. 
Since I first heard this band 6 years ago as a Sophomore in high school, I was never intrigued by any other band's vocal melodies even till this day.

On Saturday, November 12th 2016, my wish to meet the indie-pop band was granted.
My wonderful BF got us VIP tickets back in July to see them play LIVE and front row again!
With the VIP tickets came a Meet & Greet with our very own merchandise (signed poster, and a T/N/A/F t-shirt), pictures taken with the band, and we got to see them during play 3 songs during soundcheck. 

They performed songs from their newest album Simple Forms as well as a few popular songs from older albums in Passive Me, Aggressive You and Rolling Waves.
Overall, their songs have saved me from myself many times. They have never failed to make me feel better and much more motivated just by listening to their music. 
So if you haven't heard of them or listened to a song, I recommend you try my favorites:
1. Young Blood
2. Punching In a Dream
3. Higher
4. Hearts Like Ours
5. Girls Like You
6. All of This
7. The Water Beneath You