"From That Thrift Shop Down the Road"

When I was six, I hated having to go with my mom shopping because half of the time we ended up at our local Goodwill and other various thrift-shops in Gramercy.  

I would tug at my mom's arm and beg for us to leave but of course it never worked and so I'd look for Polly-Pocket toys to take home.
My mom looked for clothes and other nicknacks for hours and without a doubt, she was always successful.
I call my mother the 'Thrift Queen' because she would find real and (usually expensive) designer items for way cheaper and still in great condition.
In fact, majority of the clothes I wore were specially picked by my mom and I never realized how awesome thrifting actually is until I got to my last year of Junior High school.

Details on my recent thrifted purchase below!

I've had a lot of luck lately with thrifting and I get so stoked when I find exactly what I needed. In this case, I've been looking for an oversized denim jacket and I found the perfect one from a vintage shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn called Crossroads. 

Brand: Levis
Size: Men's Medium
Color: Medium Stone Wash
Price: Original - $69.99 // Thrifted - $35.00
Love: the quality and color + inside pockets to stash my snacks. It's been my most used fall jacket already!

I also came across a Nike shirt - 'The World Is Mine Baby' Air Penny T-shirt
Brand: Nike
Size: Medium
Color: Black
Price: Original - $30.00 // Thrifted -$18.00
Love: the Nike box detail on the sleeve + the overall graphic design!